CAPE Becoming a Reality

June 13, 2003

The joint committees of the previous members of SSEA and CUPTE have expended tremendous effort and time in an effort to resolve many outstanding matters which need to be addressed in order to create a fully functioning new independent organization.

The CAPE National Executive has spent exhaustive efforts to ensure a smooth transition, that will inflict minimal inconvenience and discomfort on its membership…

The Public Service Staff Relations Board has been contacted, with the goal of advising them of our fusion, and clarifying the legal process that must be followed in order for the employer to recognized CAPE as a legal entity.

CAPE has formed a by-law committee which has been actively meeting. This committee will be recommending a set of by-laws to the CAPE National Executive Committee, which will subsequently be submitted to the members for ratification. The Association has committed itself to having by-laws finalized within 90 working days of the adoption of the new CAPE Constitution (April 28th, 2003).

The employees of the bargaining units representing the respective employees of SSEA and CUPTE have been contacted. A request has been made to commence formal discussions with representatives from the unified staff, with the goal of establishing pay scales and working conditions for CAPE employees.

The CAPE Accommodations Committee has been examining several rental possibilities that may eventually serve as the National Office for CAPE employees.

The Collective Bargaining activities of both the TR and EC Collective Bargaining Committees have continued uninterrupted.

“Members of both CUPTE and SSEA have ratified the creation of a new union – CAPE. Our challenge is to make this desire an effective reality – one which will serve our combined memberships more effectively. This is a formidable challenge, and an exciting opportunity,” said President Bill Krause.