Canada Post employees locked-out and threat of return to work legislation at Air Canada

June 16, 2011 Two worker groups are currently suffering from an employer unwilling to listen to them. At Canada Post, the employer wants to create two categories of workers: those who enjoy working conditions obtained through very difficult conflicts and those who will have to do the same work, but at cheaper conditions for the employer.
At Air Canada, same deal: an employer who did not hesitate to call upon Parliament to settle negotiations that have been dragging on for months.
CAPE wants to express its complete solidarity to those unions and their members. We invite you to do the same by all possible means:
Avoid crossing picket lines, unless you have no other choice.
Select another mode of transportation or airline, if available.
Visit a picket line to support those workers on strike or in lock-out.
Write to your local newspaper or call your radio station.
Express your concerns to your Member of Parliament.
CAPE has asked its staff to avoid booking new travel with Air Canada, out of respect for those workers on strike.