Call for Nominations and Resolutions

June 16, 2004 The following memo was recently sent to the CAPE membership. Links to relevant documents, including nominations forms and profiles for the positions on the National Executive Committee, are imbedded in the document, for your convenience.
(Do you have questions for the Elections Committee? Send them to the Committee directly, at
Date: May 25, 2004
Memo to: CAPE Membership
From: Elections Committee
Subject: Call for nominations and resolutions
This is an official call for nominations and resolutions to be discussed at the Annual General Meeting scheduled for November 18, 2004.
Pursuant to the CAPE Constitution, an Elections Committee has been established to oversee the upcoming elections. Subject to the By-Laws, as amended (annex A), the Elections Committee shall organize and oversee all election and voting processes, with the exception of the ratification of tentative agreements. Members of the Elections Committee are not eligible to stand as candidates for election to the National Executive Committee (NEC). Members of the Elections Committee shall not campaign in support of or against a candidate nor publicly divulge their opinion on a resolution.
Because of delays associated with the transition to the new Association, the Committee was not able to meet the April 15 deadline for the call for nominations. Accordingly, the deadline for returning completed nomination forms has been extended to July 26, 2004. Likewise, the Committee’s deadline for confirming candidates’ eligibility has been extended to August 10, 2004.
This year the positions of president, vice-presidents, LoP Director, one of the two TR Directors, and five of the nine EC Directors will be elected to fulfill two-year terms which that will expire December 31, 2006. As provided by clause 17.5 of the CAPE Constitution, the remaining one TR director and four EC directors will serve one-year terms. The TR director and the five EC directors who received the most votes will serve two-year terms, while the remainder will serve a one-year term. As of next year, elections will be for two-year terms.
Below you will find the profiles and nominations forms for the positions on the National Executive Committee (NEC). Candidates shall only seek one position on the NEC.
The National Executive Committee is comprised of one (1) President position; two (2) Vice-President positions, (one (1) for the EC and Library of Parliament (LoP) group and one (1) for the TR group); one (1) Director position for the LoP group; two (2) Director positions for the TR group; and nine (9) Director positions for the EC group.
Please take special note that nominations to a Director’s position shall be supported by one (1) Regular or Pending member of the Association and nominations for the positions of President and the two Vice-Presidents shall be supported by ten (10) Regular or Pending members of the Association. In each case, nominations shall not be accompanied by more supporting names than the number required. The President is elected by the membership at large and the Vice-Presidents and Directors are elected by the members of their respective bargaining units or the founding community they represent (EC/LoP and TR).
Individual candidates may delegate one (1) scrutineer to the counting of votes. Only members of the Elections Committee, scrutineers designated by the candidates and staff of the Association whose presence is considered essential by the Committee, shall be authorized to participate in the counting of votes. It is the responsibility of the candidate to advise the Elections Committee of the name of their scrutineer, in writing, at least 5 working days prior to the voting deadline.
Nomination forms shall be accompanied by a one page (8.5” x 11”) text using Arial 12 point font in which the candidate may provide a biography and his/her reason for running. Whenever possible the candidate will provide the National Office an electronic version of this document. The form shall not be accompanied by any document other than the ones required. If the candidate does not provide the required documents in both official languages, the Association shall have the presentation document translated. Upon request, when submitting his or her nomination, the candidate shall be allowed 5 working days to review the translation produced by the Association.
Please forward completed nominations forms to the National Office by regular mail postmarked no later than July 26, 2004.
The Elections Committee shall verify all information provided and confirm the candidate’s eligibility no later than August 10, 2004. The Committee shall also ensure that the presentation text submitted by the candidate is free of libel and that it contains no inaccuracies, uncalled for remarks or unacceptable elements. If the Committee is of the opinion that certain elements should be modified, the candidate shall be allowed to do so. If the candidate refuses to do so or does not produce the required modifications within 5 working days after being informed of the Committee’s concerns, his or her nomination shall be revoked.
We strongly urge members to take an active interest in the affairs of CAPE by coming forward to stand as candidates for the National Executive Committee or encouraging your colleagues to present themselves. It is only through your participation that the Association is able to remain a vibrant and productive organization.
All resolutions shall be submitted in writing by two (2) Regular or Pending members. Resolutions and accompanying remarks shall not exceed one page (8.5” x 11”) of text using Arial 12 point font. The text shall not refer to any list nor mention individuals or locals who are in support of the resolution. If the authors of the resolution do not provide the document in both official languages, the Association shall have the document translated. Upon request when submitting the resolution, the authors shall be granted 5 working days to review the translation produced by the Association. Please forward resolutions to the National Office by regular mail postmarked no later than July 26, 2004.
Constitutional Amendments
Any Regular or Pending member, or Local, may petition for an amendment to the Constitution. Such petition shall contain 100 signatures of Regular or Pending members.
The Constitution shall only be amended following an AGM or SGM to review the proposed changes, and approval by a vote of the membership in accordance with clause 26.6 of the Constitution.
Nominations Form for CAPE PRESIDENT
Nominations Form for EC/LOP VICE-PRESIDENT
Nominations Form for TR VICE-PRESIDENT