Budget 2005 - President's Updates

June 08, 2005

At a meeting with Denis Kinglsey, Vice-President of Human Resources and Corporate Services at CIDA, CAPE was informed that for CIDA, at least, the 2005 Budget brought good news - more funding for more staff. The good news for CAPE is that a large number of these new employees will, in fact, be members of bargaining units represented by the Association.

"I appreciate the transparency of CIDA, and of Mr. Kingsley. It was an informative and very pleasant interview, more so because CAPE came away knowing that our membership base at CIDA will grow stronger as a result of the 2005 Budget," said José Aggrey, CAPE President

CAPE already has an active and vibrant local at CIDA, and looks forward to strengthening that Local, and increasing their influence at CIDA with the addition of more CAPE members in the near future.