Association Members Receive Retroactive Pay

July 16, 2003

As a result of the decision of Public Service Staff Relations Board Adjudicator Evelyn Henry, and following discussions with Treasury Board officials, members of SSEA and CUPTE have received back pay cheques stemming from the last round of bargaining. While some payments may still be outstanding, the majority of members have now received proper retroactive pay calculation from the last round of bargaining.

In a related and much welcomed move, Treasury Board Officials have confirmed in writing that while it is appealing the decision of Evelyn Henry, there will be no efforts to recover any of the retroactive payments in the event that the Treasury Board appeal is successful. This position stems from the fact that the SSEA and CUPTE and the Treasury Board have all come to agreement on the proper policy for retroactive pay calculations. Consequently, SSEA and CUPTE members are the only unions to benefit from the Henry decision.

"Our members appreciate the judgment of Treasury Board and the good will it generates. It would not have been in the spirit of our common policy understanding to attempt to recover any monies paid to our members," said President Bill Krause.

In a further positive development for the next round of bargaining, the Association and the employer have signed a letter of understanding regarding pay administration for the retroactive period. The undertaking, signed in early June, will guarantee Association members that in the next round of bargaining any retroactive pay calculation will use the method (standard method or Lajoie method) which is most beneficial to the employee. The same undertaking has been offered to all other unions.

"We are pleased that the employer now agrees with the Association with regard to retroactive pay calculations, with no financial disincentives to accept promotions or acting assignments during any retroactive period. The actions of SSEA and CUPTE before the PSSRB, grievances by other unions, and our discussions with Treasury Board have resulted in a framework which will benefit all unions," said President Krause