APSFA Recants Amidst Sister Unions’ Outrage

February 07, 2003

Merdon Hosking, President of the Association of Public Service Financial Administrators, has backed down from the position of incorporating several thousand public service employees from other Unions into the FI fold.

In a clear and concise letter to President Bill Krause, APSFA indicated that:

…the Association has removed the documents entitled Classification Reform for the Financial Management Group and the slide presentation from the APSFA website.

Additionally, the document will be revised to remove all reference to occupational groups other than the Financial Management (FI) Group. Once revised, a copy will be forwarded to SSEA prior to its submission to Treasury Board.

The Association apologizes for anything in the paper which would lead one to believe that we are “attacking” any other occupational group to further our members’ interests….

…The Association regrets any distress that this may have caused SSEA and its membership and I can assure you that the Association has no interest in representing anyone who does not fall within the current group definition of the Financial Management Group.

I would hope that this firmly clarifies our intent and allows us to put this issue behind us."

“We are immensely pleased with this revised course of action on the part of APSFA. I have no doubt that we will easily return to the cordial and respectful relations that we shared prior to this unfortunate incident,” said Association President Bill Krause. “I hope all bargaining agents take note of the way we have defended our members’ interests.”


In a presentation and submission made to Treasury Board on December 17, 2002, the Association of Public Service Financial Administrators stated unequivocally that it intends to strive for an incorporation of ES, AS, CR and even EX positions into the FI Group. Such a move could effect up to 1,000 ES positions.

Immediately upon learning of their actions, we took decisive action, advising M. Hosking of our displeasure, and filing a Code of Conduct complaint with the NJC.