Join us for the Women’s March

January 03, 2019

Women March 2019

Join us for the Ottawa Women’s March!

As you know, this year again, millions of people will take the streets in various countries around the world to march for women and human rights on Saturday, January 19, 2019.

The Women’s March Ottawa chapter has been reaching out to various people and organizations inviting them to take part, and we’re in!


If you are interested in marching with CAPE, meet us Saturday, January 19 at 10:45 in the lobby of the World Exchange Plaza at 100 Queen Street where we will give you a CAPE scarf. We will then make our way together to Parliament Hill, where the march will begin at 11:00.

This year, CAPE’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has voted to sponsor the event through a modest contribution and this is why you will see our name and logo appear on various platforms related to the march.


Did you know that 60 percent of CAPE’s registered members are women? 

While Canada is leading the way on women’s inclusion and empowerment according to the OECD, it ranked Canada 8th in highest gender pay gap out of a list of 43 countries. As a union, CAPE is committed to the principles of social justice, fairness and equality, and to ensuring those principles are reflected in the workplace.

Let’s make sure our government and elected officials get the message!

We look forward to seeing you there!
If you have any questions, please contact the organizing committee at

For more information about the Ottawa Women’s March, visit their website