Clarifications around the ESS & TRL transition MOU

June 19, 2019

Dear members,

Find below clarifications around the transition MOU for ESS and TRL RCMP Civilian Members, especially regarding the EC and TR tentative agreements currently on the table. It should be noted that:

(1) there are no changes to your terms and conditions of employment until the date of deeming in May 2020;

(2) CAPE’s team made up of Civilian Members and CAPE staff will continue to negotiate with the Treasury Board Secretariat - RCMP in order to determine which special provisions for Civilian Members will go into the EC and TR collective agreements, including provisions on the matters of annual leave accrual and sick leave banks;

(3) all pay adjustments and market adjustments will be matched as was the case in the past; therefore, your rates of pay will be increased by 2%+0.8% effective June 22 2018, by 2%+0.2% effective June 22 2019, by 1.5% effective June 22 2020 and by 1.5% effective June 22 2021;

(4) because Civilian Members were not paid through Phoenix during the retro pay period, i.e. from June 22, 2018 to the date of signing of the tentative agreement some time in August 2019, Civilian Members will not receive the $400 negotiated in exchange for the extra 30 days for implementation of the new agreement.

Treasury Board Secretariat and the RCMP will be meeting with CAPE’s team of CMs and staff on June 20, 2019 to continue discussions.