Celebrating Eastern Culture in Canada

Asian Heritage Month

According to Statistics Canada, 6 million Canadians identify as Asian-Canadians. During the month of May, we pay tribute to the long history of Asian-Canadians and their contributions to the country. Officially recognized in Canada since 2002, Asian Heritage Month has been an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the rich history of Asian-Canadians.  It is also an occasion for us all to spotlight the values, beliefs and cultural expressions of various Asian cultures that have helped our society evolve and transform

This year’s theme is  Asian Canadians: United in Diversity and invites us all to recognize how this unique community contributes to making Canada a dynamic and inclusive country, and how it strengthens it in innumerable ways.

Sadly, this year's celebrations have been overshadowed by several unfortunate incidents. We cannot ignore the fact that many Chinese Canadians have been the target of a growing wave of racism and xenophobia triggered by the global pandemic and the suspected origin of the coronavirus. We cannot and should not be passive bystanders when witnessing these heinous acts.

Celebrating diversity also means standing up for it.