CAPE Local Leadership Updates

September 14, 2018

Locals are the backbone of our member activity. Members who volunteer their time and energy in making us a better public service union are greatly appreciated. So, it is important for locals to keep CAPE apprised of the changes to their respective locals.

We invite you to communicate with us when a new steward/director is elected to a local, as it is important that members know who they can turn too when in need. 

What we need:

- Your name
- Your department
- Role within the local (President, VP, director etc.)
- Most updated contact information
Signed solemn declaration**

Furthermore, CAPE provides Bi-Annual steward’s training and it is important that all our stewards be in good standing in order to partake in our training courses.


- Basic Stewards’ Training
- Know your collective agreement
- Running an effective, democratic local

And much more

We look forward to hearing from you and by all means if you have any other suggestions or concerns, we’re here to help in any way we can.

** All Solemn Declarartion forms must be returned to Sharon Wilson, CAPE Membership Clerk