Canadian Association of Professional Employees Translation Bureau Local 900

November 07, 2018


Following my call for candidates on August 29, I received the candidacies below:

• President: Nicolas Bois
• Officer representing TRs from outside the National Capital Region: Chantal DesRochers
• Officer representing ECs: no candidate
• Officer representing Non-Parliamentary English Translators: Barbara McClintock
• Officer representing Multilingual Translators: no candidate
• Officer representing Non-Parliamentary French Translators: André Picotte
• Officer representing Interpreters: Deidre Kelly
• Officer representing Parliamentary Translators: Olivier Alarie
• Officer representing Terminologists: Christine Hug
• Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator: Loïc Haméon-Morrissette

Nicolas Bois, Chantal DesRochers, Barbara McClintock, André Picotte, Deidre Kelly, Olivier Alarie, Christine Hug and Loïc Haméon-Morrissette are therefore elected by acclamation for a two-year term, from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2021. It will be the responsibility of the new Executive Committee of the Translation Bureau Local, in accordance with the By-Laws, to fill through co-optation the positions that remain vacant.

Congratulations and best wishes for success to the newly elected members of the Committee.

Marc Vallée
Returning Officer
November 6, 2018