January 28, 2019

The Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE) now invites reputable and experienced website design firms located in the Ottawa/NCR area to express their interest for the following assignment: the design and development of a new bilingual website for the association.

DEADLINE  FOR SUBMISSIONS: Tuesday February 5, 2019


CAPE is looking to redesign its website. The current platform is outdated, relying on old technology and not meeting essential search engine optimization requirements. The content needs to be completely revisited and rewritten, and the information architecture rebuilt around information that is most relevant to our members, our primary audience, and a handful of other key stakeholders. The new website will be a “members resources center” designed to meet the information needs of our members, first. The new website would have to be delivered by no later than September 2019.


• The preferred CMS is WordPress.
• We are looking at developing a website that will synchronize with our future CRM platform (e.g. direct data entry through electronic forms)
• The website will have to include a login protected members’ page with information that should only be made available to members and CAPE employees.
• We are looking for a firm with top notch graphic design capacity for a final product that will have a modern look & feel and is generally esthetically pleasing.
• Copy writing services offered as part of the package would be preferred.
• CAPE will kick-off the project with a quick consultation that will involve surveys and in-person meetings. Support for this initial research phase could also be integrated into the overall terms of reference, depending on overall costs.


CAPE is the third largest labour union in the federal public service, and is based in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa. CAPE represents over 17,000 economists, policy analysts, researchers, statisticians, translators, interpreters and terminologists. Their work helps guide and inform policy-making and protect the equal status of our country’s official languages. Our members work primarily in the nation’s capital, but many others work in every province and territory.


CAPE invites firms to express their interest by simply providing general and brief information about their firm, general qualifications and relevant experience (listing most relevant past work) and if possible a tentative price range, by email to Katia Theriault at and copy Liana Griffin at by no later than Tuesday February 5, 2019.  Please indicate WEB PROJECT 2019 in the subject line.