Action Plan Announced to Address Air Quality at Les Terrasses de la Chaudieres

March 14, 2019

For years, members working at the Terrasses de la Chaudière office location have experienced a range of health issues due to poor air quality as well as unpleasant odors emanating from the elevator lobbies.  

On February 21, 2019, Canadian Heritage Deputy Minister, Hélène Laurendeau issued an information memo to federal employees outlining plans to fix those issues.

The memo provided clarity on the types of renovation projects envisaged to address the health and safety issues reported. 

The main activities include:

- Building condition reporting
- Floor-to-floor inspections
- Cleaning - Mold removal and remediation
- Controlled substances reporting
- Pest management

We encourage our members to report any issues to their manager or to Canada’ National Call Centre at 1-800-463-1850.

Furthermore, if a situation has already been reported and is still unresolved, members should notify the PCH Occupational Health and Safety Division.

CAPE welcomes these initiatives by the Deputy Minister and hopes they will improve working conditions for our members and all federal employees working at les Terrasses de la Chaudière.

CAPE will continue to put pressure on the Employer to act quickly and to keep the health and safety of public servants a top priority.

Contact Us

If you have already followed all the steps above to solve a health and safety issue at Terrasses de la Chaudière but are not getting  satisfactory response, please contact Ms. Mireille Vallière, CAPE labour Relations Officer for Heritage Canada at