Were your 2017 taxes affected by Phoenix?

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Throughout the Phoenix saga, many members have expressed concerns that their delayed pay would end up costing them more down the road. Many members saw part of their 2016 income get paid in 2017; for some, this bumped them into a higher income bracket in 2017, resulting in higher tax rates and reduced benefits.

No member should be worse off because of Phoenix. Period. As a union, we want to make sure all members are made whole.

Recently, Treasury Board took some proactive steps towards righting these wrongs. The employer is asking members who were owed salary from 2016 that was paid to them in 2017 to submit a claim if they suffered any of the following financial setbacks as a result:

Additionally, we would like to remind members affected by Phoenix that the employer will reimburse expenses (up to $200, per year, with taxes included) related to obtaining tax advice.

Filing claims will not affect your pay; claims are not processed through the Phoenix pay system.

For more information and to submit a claim, please click here. If you are a member experiencing pay problems, we urge you to contact us.