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Important: If you aren't receiving any pay, please contact us immediately. 

Need help?

If you are experiencing any Phoenix-related pay problems and the issue does not seem to get resolved, please contact us for assistance. Each case is different, but we may be able to assist you in getting your situation resolved. 

Submit a compensation claim

If you have to face out-of-pocket expenses because your pay is incorrect, you can file a compensation claim with Treasury Board.

Your taxes and Phoenix

If you've started collecting the documents necessary to file your taxes, you may be wondering how all those Phoenix problems may impact you. Like last year, Treasury Board is providing reimbursements for tax advice for the 2017-2018 tax season: the Government of Canada will reimburse expenses (up to $200, per year, with taxes included) related to obtaining tax advice. For more information, 

If you have questions regarding overpayment or underpayments and how these might impact your taxes, we encourage you to consult the following websites:

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.


Public servants had until January 19, 2018 to declare overpayments. This will allow the pay centre to register overpaid amounts in the Phoenix system, thereby ensuring that your 2017 tax slips do not reflect overpaid amounts.

Additionally, employees who report their overpayments by the deadline will only see the government recover the net amounts that were overpaid. Conversely, employees who do not declare their overpayments on time will have to repay the gross amounts, including taxes and other deductions.

The pay centre has a dedicated line for employees calling to report their overpayments. To report your overpayment, please call: 1-855-686-4729. You may also submit a Phoenix Feedback Form to inform the pay centre of your situation, and no further action will be required.

CAPE continues to pressure the employer on the issue of overpayments; members should not be put in a position where they have to repay gross amounts due to the employer's faulty pay system.

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Questions and answers

PSAC, PIPSC and Treasury Board have extensive FAQ pages that might be of help.