CAPE will submit the latest Treasury Board offer to the vote of its TR members

December 15, 2016

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At a bargaining session that ended late afternoon Thursday, CAPE's negotiating team at the TR table have decided that instead of declaring a deadlock with Treasury Board, they will submit the employer’s final proposal to the vote of its members.

The four-year offer provides for economic increases similar to those agreed by the government with other public service union members, and a memorandum of understanding on employee support that maintains the current sick leave for the moment. 

In addition to amendments to certain leaves, the agreement provides for the maintenance of the system of parliamentary and interpretation leave.

Further details will be shared with the some 750 members of the bargaining unit over the next few days, before they will be asked to vote on the offer. 

The TR bargaining unit includes translators, interpreters and terminologists employed by the federal government.