What's on the horizon?

March 10, 2018

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As 2017 came to a close, CAPE issued a survey to find out more about your bargaining priorities. Over 100 of you took the time to provide us with detailed and reasoned answers; we sincerely thank you for participating in this survey, which will inform the bargaining team’s approach as we head into negotiations.

What’s on the horizon

CAPE is still waiting to become recognized as the certified bargaining agent for ESS and TRL members. This could happen in either of the following ways:

CAPE has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Treasury Board that applies in either situation.

The MOU provides that once deeming occurs or a s. 58 application is approved, ESS and TRL members retain their current terms and conditions of employment, including existing benefits, until negotiations between CAPE and Treasury Board under the MOU are done or unless we agree to re-open the EC and TR collective agreements to amend them.

There are, however, some provisions of the collective agreement that apply in the interim, including leave for the purpose of collective bargaining, use of the employer’s facilities to hold information meetings, and collection of union dues.

RCMP members can expect to start paying union dues immediately following the board’s decision or effective the date of deeming. It’s possible that the board could render a decision before the original deeming date.

We expect to meet with Treasury Board shortly.  We will continue to keep you informed of any developments.

We hear you

In the survey, many of you expressed concern about being migrated into the Phoenix pay system – and with good reason! The pay issues faced by so many of our members are absolutely unacceptable.

We listened and shared these concerns directly with the President of the Treasury Board to ensure that ESS and TRL members are not placed on the Phoenix system at this time. We will continue to advocate for RCMP members to stay on their current pay system until we feel there are minimal risks to completing the transition. But let’s be clear: as we stand, Phoenix simply isn’t up to the task.

Stay in touch

We’re committed to keeping you informed throughout this transition. You can stay up to date with the latest news by keeping an eye on our website and following us on Facebook and Twitter. Finally, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at rcmp-grc@acep-cape.ca.