It's Official!

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It's official!

CAPE is very pleased to announce that a crucial step has been reached in our work to transition RCMP members formerly in the ESS and TRL groups into CAPE’s existing EC and TR bargaining units.

In two decisions issues on March 23, 2018, the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board declared that RCMP members formerly in the TRL and ESS groups are now part of CAPE’s TR and EC bargaining units respectively. This means that CAPE is now the official bargaining agent for RCMP members in these groups. You can read the full text of these decisions here: EC Group (PDF)/ TR Group (PDF). 

These decisions are the result of CAPE’s applications under section 58 of the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Act, which were filed in 2017.

How do these decisions affect RCMP employees who are now officially in the EC or TR bargaining units? As you may already be aware, CAPE has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Treasury Board. In this MOU, we agreed that once a s. 58 application is approved, ESS and TRL members retain their current terms and conditions of employment, including existing benefits, until negotiations between CAPE and Treasury Board under the MOU are done or unless we agree to re-open the EC and TR collective agreements to amend them.

There are, however, some provisions of the collective agreements that apply in the interim, including leave for the purpose of collective bargaining, use of the employer’s facilities to hold information meetings, and collection of union dues.

As their bargaining agent, CAPE can now officially represent RCMP members in the EC and TR groups. In turn, RCMP members in these groups can also expect to start paying union dues at a rate of $48.00 a month shortly. CAPE members pay the lowest dues of all the bargaining agents in the Federal Government.

New CAPE RCMP members should also be aware that Treasury Board has postponed the date upon which they will be deemed public servants, which is now scheduled to occur on May 21, 2020. However, this will not change any of the above – CAPE remains your bargaining agent and the MOUs continue to apply until an agreement is reached between the parties.

For those RCMP members in these groups who have not yet joined CAPE as a member, we invite you to do so here.

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