CAPE takes action on behalf of future RCMP members

November 28, 2017

In August 2017, CAPE actively organized  to have the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board recognize it as the bargaining agent for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s social scientists and translators under Section 58 of the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Act.  

Last week, the Auditor General, Michael Ferguson, released his Fall 2017 report and its troubling findings about the disturbing extent of the Phoenix pay system problem, and the long road ahead to achieving a functioning system.

CAPE has been at the forefront of this battle advocating on behalf of our members experiencing pay problems, and took action to protect pending RCMP members from experiencing these problems.

CAPE’s President, André Picotte, recently wrote to Scott Brison, President of the Treasury Board of Canada, requesting postponement of the transfer of RCMP social scientists and translators to the Phoenix pay system indefinitely until the existing pay problems are fully resolved. Other unions had also written to Mr. Brison with the same request.

On November 27, 2017, Daniel Dubeau, Acting Commissioner of the RCMP, announced that this transfer would be postponed indefinitely. He also announced that as such, the date on which RCMP civilian employees were to be deemed federal public servants (April 26, 2018) would also be postponed indefinitely. It is excellent news that RCMP civilians will not have to suffer the many pay problems that thousands of our existing members have had to endure due to Phoenix.

While the deeming date has been delayed, CAPE continues to pursue its section 58 application on behalf of ESS and TRL employees. When the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board approves this application, ESS and TRL employees will become members of CAPE’s EC and TR bargaining units, respectively.

In the meantime, CAPE also continues to negotiate with Treasury Board to ensure that current ESS and TRL benefits will be maintained until negotiation of the next collective agreements for the EC and TR groups.

We wish to assure our pending CAPE members from the RCMP that we continue to protect your rights during this transition. Moreover, we want to assure all of our members present and future, that every avenue is being explored to compel effective government action in remediating the difficulties that Phoenix has caused.