A change in strategy

August 22, 2017

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Over the past few months, we’ve had the great pleasure of meeting with ESS and TRL employees from across the country. During this time, we invited you to sign membership cards. The goal was to collect enough membership cards to have CAPE certifiedas your bargaining agent and get to work advocating on your behalf. We felt that this was the best way to secure a seat at the table – the best way to ensure that your interests are represented during your transition from civilian members to public service employees. 

We were thrilled to see so much enthusiasm from ESS and TRL employees at the RCMP. We can tell you that not only did we manage to reach our desired number of cards signed, but we also obtained a healthy buffer! Our sincere thanks go out to everyone who supported the campaign and helped us reach more RCMP employees with our message.

A change in strategy

During a recent meeting with Treasury Board, we were pleased to see a genuine interest in a commitment to sitting down and holding talks about the ESS and TRL transition into the public service. One of the options discussed was filing to become recognized as your bargaining agent under section 58 of the Federal Public Service Labour Relations Act; Treasury Board was amenable to this. Compared with our original plan for certification, the process under section 58 is a less contentious way of engaging in negotiations. It would also allow us to start discussions sooner rather than later. As a result, CAPE has filed a section 58 application for the ESS group and plans to file for the TRL group in the near future.

Why change course?

It was only recently that we learned that Treasury Board would be open to engaging in discussions with us, using section 58 to establish CAPE as the bargaining agent for ESS and TRL employees. Compared to the certification route, obtaining formal recognition as your bargaining agent under section 58 is a much more streamlined process, especially with Treasury Board’s consent to our application.

What’s next?

CAPE is moving forward to have the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board recognize us as the bargaining agent for ESS and TRL employees under section 58. In the coming weeks, we will start reaching out to you to find out more about your bargaining priorities; we want to ensure that your voice is accurately represented during negotiations. If you would like to have your say, please make sure to register with us; we can’t solicit your input unless you’re a member!

We will also be looking for volunteers who wish to represent the ESS and TRL during negotiations.

Shortly, we will start negotiating a memorandum of agreement with Treasury Board, which will address transitional issues with respect to joining the CAPE bargaining units and will set out the framework for negotiations before and during the transition period.

What happens to my benefits/terms of employment?

For the time being, your benefits and terms of employment stay the same. When we become recognized as your bargaining agent you become entitled to the grievance process and union representation under the EC collective agreement. We will be negotiating with Treasury Board towards a memorandum of agreement with the goal of safeguarding your benefits as much as possible under the EC collective agreement.