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OPBO sign their collective agreement

September 11, 2019                    

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It's official! The Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer (OPBO) collective agreement was signed earlier this afternoon at the Head Office of the Canadian Association of Professional Employees.

The agreement was reached with the Employer in June after months of negotiations and was put to the vote shortly after.

“This deal was challenging because it was for a first collective agreement and required months of intense work on the part of our bargaining team, which deserve to be fully thanked and acknowledge for this positive outcome.” said Greg Phillips CAPE President.

The new provisions will be in effect on September 21, 2019 with the exception of retro pay. Please note that the employer has a 180 days implementation period from the date of signing to pay the retroactive payments to all members of the bargaining unit who were employed by the Employer between September 21, 2017 and the effective date of the collective agreement.

The new OPBO collective agreement can be found here.

CAPE President Greg Phillips, Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux and the bargaining team were present at the signing of the collective agreements.

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About collective bargaining

Collective bargaining has a rich history of paving the way for better working conditions for all Canadians. Unions lead the way for better working conditions for their members, and others follow. Collective bargaining is a member-driven process. Our bargaining team members negotiate on behalf of the membership and based on the membership’s input. When a tentative agreement is reached, our members will be the ones who will be asked to vote on whether or not to approve the deal.

Bargaining updates

We publish updates after each bargaining session and whenever major developments arise. Keep an eye on this page for regular updates! Here's our latest updates:

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Your bargaining team

Your bargaining team is made up of PBO members just like you! Bargaining team members are volunteers, who work in the public service as PBO employees and dedicate a great deal of their time to bargain on behalf of their colleagues. Additionally, each bargaining team also comprises a negotiator who acts as the CAPE spokesperson at the bargaining table. Ultimately, however, it is the membership as a whole that gets to accept or reject a tentative agreement.

The collective bargaining team’s role is to negotiate at the table with the employer and to discuss and approve bargaining strategies. The collective bargaining team can recommend that our union approve a tentative agreement or reject a final offer.

The collective bargaining committee, on the other hand, is a sub-committee of the national executive committee. Its role is to review members’ feedback and craft proposals based on that feedback. The committee can prepare additional proposals or refine existing ones at the request of the negotiator. In turn, the committee communicates the impact of these changes to the collective bargaining team.

Bargaining team members are selected among members of the collective bargaining committee. Any member can volunteer to sit on the collective bargaining committee, whenever a call for volunteers is issued.