August 29, 2018

In accordance with the Translation Bureau Local By-laws, an election is being held to fill the ten (10) positions of the Executive, as follows:

Officer representing TRs from outside the National Capital
Region Officer representing ECs
Officer representing Non-Parliamentary English Translators
Officer representing Multilingual Translators
Officer representing Non-Parliamentary French Translators
Officer representing Interpreters
Officer representing Parliamentary Translators
Officer representing Terminologists
Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator

The term of office is two years, starting January 1, 2019.

The president and the occupational health and safety coordinator shall be elected by popular vote by the membership as a whole, through an electronic ballot. The other officers shall be elected by their respective communities, through an electronic ballot.

Members seeking election to one of these positions must submit a statement of five hundred (500) words or less by electronic mail, no later than September 30, to The Local does not provide a translation of statements submitted in only one official language.

Returning Officer

No later than October 21, the returning officer shall send the members a voting kit. A candidate who is unopposed shall be declared elected.

Marc Vallée
Returning Officer