Join the LoP Collective Bargaining Committee

May 09, 2017


Want to make a difference in your workplace? Join the LoP Collective Bargaining Committee

The process towards renewing your collective agreement starts soon! The first step is creating a LoP Collective Bargaining Committee (CBC) made of members from the Library of Parliament just like you

Pursuant to CAPE Bylaw #7, the CBC’s role is to are to prepare proposals (positional bargaining) or define problems (interests-based bargaining), to select the members of the Collective Bargaining Team and to work to an agreement or reject a final offer from the employer. The committee will also oversee the process of ratification by the members. The CBC has a maximum of five members.

Our National Executive Committee will review applications and appoint members to the committee. In accordance with By-Law #7, the NEC will choose CBC members so as to reflect the demographic and professional composition of the bargaining unit and negotiate effectively on behalf of the members.

If you would like to join the Collective Bargaining Committee, please complete the form below.

The criteria upon which the NEC will base its choice of Committee members include:

Volunteers for the Collective Bargaining Committee will have an opportunity to contribute directly to the establishment of terms and conditions of employment for CAPE members at the Library of Parliament. This is an enriching experience that can help broaden your skills and expertise.

If you would like to be part of the LoP Collective Bargaining Committee, please submit your application no later than close of business on June 13, 2017. The selected individuals will be notified.