Short-Term Disability, as explained at the bargaining table by the Treasury Board Secretariat – A summary

A. On June 19 and 24, 2014, the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) presented the highlights of its current iteration of the Short-Term Disability (STD) plan at the TR and EC bargaining tables. It should be noted that the plan parameters are not set in stone, have changed and may continue to change.

B. In its present form, the plan would require a set number of sick leave days in collective agreements and no carry-over of unused days.

C. According to TBS, the industry standard number of sick leave days in cases where STD plans exist is 5 or 7 days per year. The plan that TBS is contemplating could accommodate a higher number of annual sick leave days. The carryover of unused sick leave days from one year to the next would cease under the STD plan.

D. An STD plan would supplement the sick leave provisions in the collective agreement.

1. Waiting period and sick leave days

2. Level of STD and LTD benefits

3. A self-funded plan

4. Pension contributions when in receipt of STD and LTD benefits

5. The service provider (insurance company) and the appeals process

6. Cooperation with the service provider

E. It is important to emphasize that what was presented at the bargaining tables is the current iteration of a plan designed by the employer. There may be further changes as the employer works towards finalizing an RFP for the spring of 2015.

F. While the employer can design and implement unilaterally an STD plan, it can only address the matter of sick leave at the bargaining table in negotiations with bargaining agents, your representatives.

G. The following are subject to the bargaining process: (1) matters that are already in the collective agreement, e.g., sick leave provisions (the number of days per year, carry-over, what to do with sick leave banks, etc.), injury-on-duty leave and other related provisions; (2) the inclusion in the collective agreement of elements relating to the STD plan, or the STD plan in its entirety, and of elements relating to the LTD plan, or the LTD plan in its entirety.