Progress made at the bargaining table, but still not at the finish line

September 29, 2016

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After a long hiatus, bargaining for the EC Group resumed this week. With the employer immovable on the question of pay and short-term disability and on our other priorities as expressed by the membership, there was little of substance to discuss.  

Earlier this month, we saw glimmers of hope. High-level discussions with Treasury Board led us to believe that progress would be achieved and that an agreement at the bargaining table may be imminent. We came to the table prepared to discuss our pay analysis and rationale.

The employer was not prepared to open up discussions on pay. Likewise, we weren’t able to have a fruitful discussion on professional development, vacation leave, harassment and professional development – all of which are important issues for EC members. There was, however, movement on both sides; we can report that the employer has conceded to full retroactivity on pay.

Your EC bargaining team shares your frustration about this turn of events. It’s a feeling shared amongst our colleagues at other tables.

The Treasury Board next bargaining dates to meet are November 29 through December 1.  In the meantime, we continue to work closely with other bargaining agents to spur progress.