EC Negotiation Team

Your bargaining team is made up of EC members just like you! Bargaining team members are volunteers, who work in the public service as EC employees and dedicate a great deal of their time to bargain on behalf of their colleagues. Additionally, each bargaining team also comprises a negotiator who acts as the CAPE spokesperson at the bargaining table. Ultimately, however, it is the membership as a whole that gets to accept or reject a tentative agreement.

EC Bargaining Team

Andreas Trau

Andrew Gibson

Anthony Coles

Husam Alsousi

Jessica Squires

Kelly Mansfield

Laura E. Munroe

Maureen Collins

Michael Donohue

Nick Giannakoulis

Robert Kossick

Sean Maguire

Susan McDonald

Ann Kurikshuk-Nemec

David Hinton

Greg Phillips, President, CAPE

Claude Danik, EC Negotiator 

Hélène Paris, Research Officer, CAPE