Article 36 - Employee performance review and employee files

Article 36

Employee performance review and employee files

New 36.01

(a)  Employees shall have the right to grieve the assessment of their performance.


(b)  The assessment of an employee’s performance must be conducted by the employer in good faith, in a transparent manner, and by applying standards appropriate for the duties and responsibilities of the employee’s position.


(c)   The employee must be provided with clear and intelligible instructions on how to meet performance objectives, and with the tools, training and mentoring necessary to meet the required standard of performance in a reasonable period of time.


(d)  An employee’s performance appraisal must only assess how well the employee has performed assigned tasks.

36.02 36.01

(a)   An employee shall be given an opportunity to sign the formal review of his or her performance and shall also be given an opportunity to sign all adverse reports pertaining to the performance of his or her duties in his or her current position which are placed on his personnel file.


(b)  The Employer's representative who assesses an employee's performance must have observed or been aware of the employee's performance for at least one-half (1/2) of the period for which the employee's performance is being evaluated.


(c)   An employee has the right to make written comments to be attached to the performance review form.

36.03 36.02

(a)   Prior to an employee performance review the employee shall be given:


  1.                                                     i.     the evaluation form which will be used for the review;
  2.                                                   ii.     any written document which provides instructions to the person conducting the review;


(b)  if during the employee performance review, either the form or instructions are changed they shall be given to the employee.

36.04 36.03

(a)   Upon written request of an employee, the personnel file of that employee will may be made available once per year for the employee's examination in the presence of an authorized representative of the Employer.


(b)  The employee will be provided with a copy of documents on file pertaining to the employee’s performance.


(c)   Any document or written statement critical of an employee’s performance, which may have been placed on file, shall be destroyed after one (1) year has lapsed.


(a)  Management shall provide the employee with training necessary to meet their performance objectives or any other need identified in the evaluation of their performance. All hours on training shall be deemed hours worked. All cost associated with training will be borne by the employer.


(b)  Where such training as referred to in paragraphs (a) is not available or was not available, an employee will not be evaluated on those performance objectives that required training.


(Editorial change: move the general provisions of Article 23 to 36.08)


An employee is entitled to a personal learning plan which will be jointly developed with the responsible manager. The personal learning plan will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis at the employee’s request.