Appendix L - Office Design

Appendix L

Office Design


1.     Office design refers to all matters of workplace environment, including but not limited to the organization of space for work stations and common areas, lighting, temperature, safeguards against noise and visual distractions, and the choice of furniture, equipment and technology.

2.     The employer recognizes

  1. a.     its statutory obligations in matters that may relate to office design, including its health and safety obligations and its duty to accommodate;

  2. b.     its responsibility to provide an employee with a work environment conducive to the performance of the employee’s duties; and

  3. c.      its responsibility over the confidentiality of information.



3.     The parties acknowledge the mutual benefits to be derived from ongoing union-management consultation on matters relating to office design.

4.     Departments will strike a joint national union-management consultation committee that will meet regularly to review matters relating to office design and that will provide regular reports to the Deputy Minister.

5.     The committee will ensure that the effects of office design on employee performance will be measured against professionally recognized standards and monitored regularly.

6.     Plans to change an office design will be provided in a timely manner to the committee for review and recommendations. No decision will be made until the committee has had an opportunity to provide recommendations.

7.     Prior to making recommendations the committee will submit plans to the department’s occupational health and safety committee for review and comments.