Appendix K - Long Term Disability

Appendix K - Long Term Disability

1.     The employer will make available to employees on sick leave rehabilitative employment options in order to facilitate the employee’s return to work. When an employee is absent from the work place for more than five (5) days the employer will remind the employee of the availability of rehabilitative employment options at reasonable intervals.

2.     An employee who is required to use more than sixty-five (65) days of sick leave in order to be eligible for long term disability benefits will be reimbursed, on the employee’s first day back to work, sick leave days used over the sixty-five (65) day minimum of the elimination period.

3.     An employee shall pay fifteen per cent (15%), and the Employer shall pay eighty-five per cent (85%), of the required premiums of the disability insurance plan.

4.     No employee will be refused benefits for a condition existing before the employee became insured.

5.     No employee may be obliged to take medical retirement for reason of disability. Each case of absence for reason of disability must be considered individually, under prevailing human rights principles of the duty to accommodate to the point of undue hardship.