Appendix G - Telework

Appendix G - Telework


XX.01 Approval of a telework arrangement shall be on a case by case basis and in consideration of the nature of the employee’s work. It is recognized that due to the nature of the work performed by some employees covered by the EC collective agreement such an arrangement may not be possible.


XX.02 No employee shall be required to telework or participate in a telework arrangement without his or her consent.


XX.03  The employee’s request to telework as well as the employer’s authorization must be in writing.


XX.04  When authorization is denied, the employer provides the reasons in writing.


Telework arrangement


XX.05 An employee in a telework arrangement primarily performs assigned duties in an alternate location separate and distinct from the employer premises.


XX.06 In order to ensure that the parties to the agreement understand the conditions of the telework arrangement, the employer and employee sign a written agreement of the terms and conditions of the arrangement.


XX.07 All terms and conditions of a telework arrangement shall be consistent with the provisions of the EC collective agreement.


XX.08 Upon written notice of no less than sixty (60) working days, either party shall have the right to terminate a telework arrangement. The notice period may be shorter by mutual agreement.


XX.09 The employer will endeavour to provide the employee full remote access to work systems and resources equivalent to those that are available to the employees in the workplace.


Occasional telework


XX.10 Where operational requirements permit, an employee may be granted permission to telework on an ad hoc basis at an alternate location separate and distinct from the employer’s premises.