What are the main forms of recourse available?

If there is a dispute over the contents of an appraisal or if the provisions of a particular department or agency’s applicable directive have not been adhered to, two options are available to the employee involved: the use of an informal internal remedy, if one is provided for in the directive in question, and the filing of a non-adjudicable grievance.

In cases where the provisions of a collective agreement have been violated or there has been a failure to adhere to the fundamental principles listed above, an adjudicable grievance may be filed. However, the filing of such a grievance is subject to CAPE approval and representation.

For both types of grievances (adjudicable or not), CAPE will provide representation based on its assessment of the merits of the case; in all such dispute cases, however, CAPE recommends that the employee attach his or her own written comments to the appraisal prepared by the employer, in order to establish a formal record of his or her views, as the employee is entitled to do under the provisions of CAPE’s three collective agreements

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