Priority of Appointment to Positions in the Public Service

When career transitions arise due to various life and employment events such as work force adjustment, becoming disabled, returning from extended leave and relocating with one's spouse or common-law partner, legislative and regulatory provisions exist that provide an entitlement, for a limited period, to be appointed on a priority basis to positions in the public service.
There are different types of priority entitlements: statutory priorities and regulatory priorities. Some priorities take precedence over others. In addition, priority entitlement is not absolute.

For extensive information on priority appointment entitlements with respect to positions in the public service, we recommend you consult the following documents:

Priority Administration: An Overview

Public Service Commission: Guide on Priority Administration
Part I – General information applicable to all priority types

Public Service Employment Act (PSEA)

Public Service Employment Regulations (PSER)

Amendments to the Public Service Employment Regulations Priority Entitlements

Regulations Amending the Public Service Employment Regulations

Work Force Adjustment Directive – NJC

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