Performance Assessment: Be Prepared!

March 25, 2014

Treasury Board has announced that it will be adopting a performance assessment process for all employees. Inherent in this process will be the concept of shared responsibility between management and employees. In order to help you prepare for your performance assessment and give you more control over the various aspects under your responsibility, CAPE has the following suggestions for you:

1) First meeting – Setting performance objectives
The employer must establish performance objectives for the year that are specific, measurable, relevant and realistic. These objectives must be achievable within the allotted time period.

Possible preparations:

• Before the meeting to set performance expectations

• During the meeting

• After the meeting

2) Mid-year review meeting
Ongoing performance feedback is essential to avoid any surprises and give you the opportunity to take any corrective steps that may be necessary.

Your supervisor should meet with you at the midway point of the assessment period to inform you of your performance to date, identify any discrepancies that have been noted and adjust the performance agreement or objectives if necessary. CAPE recommends that you ask for a written assessment at this point or for a record of this meeting in writing. If your manager refuses or does not give effect to this request, you can send the manager your own summary in writing (email) of the performance discussion or of your understanding of your performance to date, with a request that he or she correct any misinterpretations on your part.

It is important to keep a record of work, of management’s comments (both positive and negative) and of the correction of weaknesses identified by management, if any. Accordingly, during this meeting and throughout the year, CAPE suggests the following actions, among others:

3) Annual formal performance assessment meeting
At the end of the performance assessment period, your manager is required to inform you of your final performance results in terms of your achievement of objectives. This performance assessment should contain no surprises.

Do not hesitate to bring to this meeting any documentation prepared or accumulated during the course of the year in support of your performance.

If your manager gives you a positive performance assessment, keep a copy for your own records and ask to consult your personnel file to ensure that the assessment has been added to the file.

Should you have any doubts as to whether the terms and conditions of your collective agreement are being respected, consult our FAQ on performance assessments.