Medical and Dental Appointments

I have a doctor's appointment during work hours. Must I take sick leave?
Whether you are required to take sick leave to attend a medical appointment depends on several factors, including the type of appointment in question, the length of the appointment, and your collective agreement.

For our Members in the EC and TR Bargaining Groups
The wording and application of the Directive applicable in this situation has been slightly modified over time. For employees in the EC and TR bargaining groups, the previous Treasury Board’s policy used to provide paid time off for up to half a day with your manager’s approval without drawing from your sick leave bank for periodic checkups or special medical appointments, visits to the dentist or other health practitioners. However, for ongoing medical care or treatments, a request for sick leave needed be submitted to the manager. For example, an annual dental check-up was covered under the Treasury Board's paid leave policy, while any follow up visits required had to be deducted from your sick leave bank.

This interpretation has changed slightly in some departments with Treasury Board’s new Directive on Leave and Special Working Arrangements (April 1, 2009). Although the spirit of the new Directive remains essentially the same, it is being applied in a more restrictive fashion by some departments. This change in interpretation and application might be explained in part by the decentralization of the Treasury Board's policy management on the departmental level, and the change to the wording of the new Directive that replaces the term "special" with "periodic" check-up. Since these types of situation require a case by case analysis, please do not hesitate to contact CAPE if in doubt.

For our Members at the Library of Parliament
For Library of Parliament employees, Article 20.11 applies and provides for two (2) hours of paid leave per month, per appointment of the same type.

For Pregnant Members
There are provisions within the three groups' respective Collective Agreements in the event of medical appointments for pregnant employees.

Treasury Board – Directive on Leave and Special Working Arrangements (April 1, 2009) Article 2.2.3
Time off for personal medical and dental appointments

EC Collective Agreement (Expiration 2014) Article 51
Medical Appointment for Pregnant Employees

TR Collective Agreement (Expiration 2014) Article 21.20
Medical Appointment for Pregnant Employees

LoP Collective Agreement (Expiration 2014) – Article 19.15 and 20.11
Medical Appointments for Pregnant Employees
Medical and Dental Appointments


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