Family Day

I live in Ontario. Am I entitled to the Family Day leave offered by this province?
In addition to Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan also enjoy the same type of provincial holiday. The employer, however, maintains that the public service collective agreements already include a day for the purposes of provincial or civic holidays among the eleven (11) paid leave days that are granted. For the time being, the civic holiday of the first Monday of August has been recognized as some provinces' provincial holiday.

Therefore, despite the addition of the family holiday that is celebrated on the third Monday of February in some provinces, our collective agreements do not provide for a second provincial holiday.

Consequently, the recognized day remains the civic holiday celebrated on the first Monday of August in the relevant provinces.

Designated Paid Holidays – collective agreements:
EC collective agreement (expiration 2014) - Article 20.01

TR collective agreement (expiration 2014) - Article 16.01

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