Am I required to sign my performance assessment?

The provisions of the EC and TR collective agreements and the Collective Agreement between the Library of Parliament and CAPE allow you to sign your performance assessment as a means of compelling the employer to provide you with a copy of what is being placed in your file. These provisions stipulate that an employee’s signature on his/her assessment form indicates only that its contents have been read by the employee; such a signature does not indicate that the employee concurs with the statements on the assessment form.

To underscore this fact, you may indicate near your signature that you do not concur with the assessment, or you may indicate to potential readers of the assessment that comments are attached to the assessment form on a separate page and that your signature has been affixed without prejudice to any future recourse on your part and subject to the applicable provisions of your collective agreement (Articles 28.02 and 28.05 of the LoP Agreement, Article 36.01 of the EC Agreement, and Article 23.01 of the TR Agreement).

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