What kind of job action measures should CAPE members apply in the workplace?

Sometimes it can be difficult to reconcile one’s work life, family life, rest and recreation. A federal public service worker who is a mobilized union member can feel torn between a desire to get involved in various causes that he or she considers important and the need for some “me” time. CAPE members are dedicated workers who are specialists in their fields. Their days are full, and each minute is accounted for.

Accordingly, CAPE is working to develop simple, inexpensive and effective tricks that will allow members to mobilize and become more involved with their union.

First, members should keep close tabs on the issues under discussion at the bargaining table. The Collective Bargaining section of the CAPE website is a prime source of information in this regard. More importantly, members should engage in discussions with their colleagues, attend Local meetings and ask questions of their elected Local representatives. Keeping informed will make it easier for members to tailor their job action measures to what is happening at the bargaining table. For example, when sick leave is being discussed at the EC or TR table, you and your co-workers might wear surgical masks or bandages when you arrive at work.

Group job action measures will raise your profile with your employer while broadcasting a message of solidarity. Other examples of such actions include wearing a particular colour of clothing (e.g., all workers dressed in black on Monday) and arriving at work en masse (i.e., gathering in front of the main entrance and entering the workplace all at once). The impact of such actions can be boosted by adopting a rallying cry or singing a theme song.

You may already be aware of the fact that several unions, among them CAPE, PSAC and PIPSC, are organizing mobilization activities on the 19th day of each month in order to make unionized public service workers more aware of collective bargaining issues. A broad range of activities is planned, such as information tables, marches and briefing sessions. The next mobilization day will be May 19, when PIPSC and CAPE will be highlighting scientific and analytic integrity.

You can lend a hand to ensure that these activities have more impact. We are looking for volunteers to distribute leaflets, staff information tables, carry CAPE flags while marching, etc. For additional information or to obtain leaflets or mobilization material, contact your Local Leadership or CAPE’s National Office (general@acep-cape.ca).

You should remember that the main thing is for you to get some enjoyment out of these job action measures and to make your voices heard.