Mobilize with us every 19th

Thursday March 19 was an important day for federal public service workers and their unions as they mobilized in the National Capital Region and across the country, showing the same degree of energy and determination as they had one month earlier. Participants also turned out in greater numbers.

Union activists distributed leaflets and set up information tables in a number of workplaces. Working side by side, activists representing CAPE, PSAC, PIPSC and several other unions provided workers with information about collective bargaining and raised public awareness of the importance of having a healthy workplace. They also addressed issues such as mental health, sick leave and the potential impact of the upcoming federal election.

CAPE, PSAC and PIPSC teamed up to explain their collective bargaining demands and the impact that the employer’s proposals would have on their members. They also took the time to explain how the legislative changes imposed on the public service and its workers by the Conservative government will affect their terms and conditions of employment as well as the quality of their work and of the services they provide to Canadians.

Further mobilization activities will be held on the 19th of each month until the federal election is held on that date in October. We are counting on you to turn out in larger numbers and become more mobilized every month. To find out about the mobilization activities in your workplace, visit the CAPE website at or follow the conversations on Twitter (use the hashtag #Every19th).