CAPE President

The President is the principal spokesperson and representative of the Association. She/He directs the National Office of the Association. The President presides at all General and Executive Committee meetings. He/She interprets the Constitution of the Association and ensures that the policies, objectives and guidelines of the Executive Committee are observed. The President reports to the Executive Committee, Local Leadership, and membership on the affairs of the Association. The President is an ex-officio member of all Association committees, except for the Elections Committee.

President’s Duties and Authorities

Section 9 of the CAPE Constitution

The presidency shall be a full-time paid position. The President shall have the authority to:

9.1 Officially represent the Association.

9.2 Negotiate collective agreements for members of the Association.

9.3 Interpret the Constitution.

9.4 Refer constitutional and legal matters to counsel for review and advice.

9.5 Preside at all meetings of the National Executive Committee (NEC), Local Leadership Council, Presidents’ Council and all general meetings of the Association including the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the Membership Budget Meeting (MBM).

9.6 Ensure that the Constitution, By-Laws, objectives, guidelines and policies of the Association and NEC are carried out.

9.7 Call meetings of the Association as required by the Constitution.

9.8 Report to the NEC, Local leadership, and membership concerning the affairs of the Association.

9.9 Direct the national operations of the Association.

9.10 Contract for the services of the Association’s management.

9.11 Perform the duties recognized to be within the authority of a presiding officer.

9.12 Delegate authority to the Vice-Presidents, Executive Committee members, or management of the Association, as required.